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What to Know if You’re Planning on Moving to Lakeland, FL

by RE/MAX Experts
September 24th, 2018 1:40 pm


If you’re interested in houses for sale in Lakeland, FL, and you’re thinking about moving here, you’re making a great choice! At RE/MAX Experts, we love our community in Central Florida, and we think it’s a great place to live.

But there are a few things you should know before you look at real estate listings in Lakeland and decide to move.

Expect Warm Weather (And Summer Rain!)

As you may expect from Sunny Florida, the weather is quite warm all-year-round. Even in January, it rarely gets below 50 degrees at night, and the daily high is usually above 70 degrees, though cold snaps do happen occasionally.

The summers are usually quite hot and humid, and summer rain is quite common. Afternoon showers are expected in the late summer, and usually clear up after about 30-45 minutes of heavy rain.

You Can Stretch Your Dollar With A Lower-Than-Average Cost Of Living

According to, Lakeland has a lower cost of living index of 91, compared Florida’s average cost of living index of 101 and the U.S. average cost of living index of 100. Housing, in particular, is quite affordable. Compared to a national average of 100, Lakeland has a cost of living index of just 70 for housing.

This means that, if you move here instead of a larger city like Tampa, you’ll be able to stretch your dollar, and purchase a larger home, or save extra money for retirement.

You’ll Have To Drive To The Coastal Beaches

Unfortunately, Lakeland is located in Central Florida, so you’re not right by the crystal-clear waters or sandy white beaches of the Gulf or Atlantic Coast. However, the beaches of Tampa are just 40 minutes away by car, and you can get to Titusville or Palm Bay on the Atlantic coast in just an hour and a half.

You can also visit one of the many beautiful lakes in Central Florida, such as Lake Hancock and Lake Parker, which are only a few minutes away. And speaking of driving…

You’ll Definitely Need A Car

If you’re moving from a bigger US city like New York City or Chicago and don’t have a car, you’ll definitely need one. Lakeland has public transit, but the bus system is quite limited, and driving is the best way to get around.

In addition, driving is the best way to explore other major cities in Florida, like Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Miami, and more. So you’ll definitely want to have some wheels, so you can explore your new home state!



Ready to move to Lakeland? Contact RE/MAX Experts now, and you can work with one of the top top real estate agents in Lakeland, FL to find a home that’s perfect for you and your family. And if you have other questions, our realtors in Lakeland, FL would be happy to answer them!