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Virtual Staging: How Technology Can Help You Sell Your House Faster


If you don’t have the time or a considerable budget for staging your home, don’t worry about it. The technology today allows you to virtually stage your house and get it ready to greet potential buyers online.

What Is Staging?

Staging your home means decorating it with the intent of making it desirable for buyers. Staging involves moving around your furniture and selecting the elements that would appeal to the majority of buyers. It involves a perfect balance between a clean, fresh look and elements that suggest the house is being lived in.

When staging your home for viewing, clear enough space to let the visitors visualize their belongings there, but discreetly suggest how to use the space by creating separate living areas.

How Do You Do Virtual Staging?

Following the same principle, virtual staging allows you to recreate your home’s structure and decorate it with virtually rendered furniture and decorations to show its potential. You can hire a specialized company or freelancer to do the staging, or you can use special software yourself.

Potential buyers will then be able to check the virtual model of your home and look at their zones of interest as they please, without even leaving their house. You model would be available for viewing non-stop, for more than one buyer at a time, so you can see the big advantages it can bring compared to physical viewing.

How Will Virtual Staging Help Sell Your House?

By allowing you to select from a broad range of home decor items and add mood-enhancing elements, like natural light and a pretty landscape, virtual staging will increase your chances of selling your home faster and at a higher price than before.

It will also save you money and time, by not conditioning you to hire a real estate agent in Lakeland Fl to host the viewing or taking your time off work to do it yourself. Besides, as we mentioned before, a limitless amount of potential buyers can view your house at the same time, increasing your chances of selling fast.

By staging your house with software, you can choose from hundreds of different furniture items, wallpapers, and decorations. Not only you can immediately change what doesn’t work, but you can change the design completely when the season changes or a new trend emerges, for example. That saves you a lot of money, not to mention multiple trips to antique stores and home interior centers.

Another advantage is that it is a new, exciting way of showing your house, and many potential buyers will appreciate the forward-thinking. Right now, a small part of the market uses virtual staging for real estate sells.

RE/MAX Experts (Lakeland, FL) recommend considering virtual staging as a stand-alone way of showing your house, or even a complementary one to traditional, in-person viewing! To list your house, contact the RE/MAX Experts today!