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The Psychology of Buying a Home: How Your Emotions Influence Your Decision

A house is one of the most important purchases we make in our lives, not only because it’s such a big expense for a thing that’s supposed to be ours for decades, but also because of the intense emotions we link to our home.

When we look at the homes for sale in Lakeland FL, we mostly discuss numbers and statistic tendencies. But, coming face to face with an actual home buying process reminds us just how emotionally charged this purchase is. Studies have actually shown that consumers invest their emotions even when choosing their shampoo brand, so it must be a great deal when buying a house.

What Do People Feel When Buying a House?

The importance and high stakes of buying a house means that the buyer would most likely feel a mix of anxiety and excitement. The regular buyer goes through great efforts to afford to own a house, so the fear of giving away all that hard work sweat for something of little value is very stressful.

Another source of stress is the multitude of unknown variables that come with the house. Will it need repairs that weren’t noticed from the start? Are the neighbors really nice? Will the children adapt well to their new surroundings? A top realtor in Lakeland, FL can anticipate all these turmoils and present solutions even before anxiety strikes in the client’s mind.

Another type of feelings that buying a house can trigger is excitement. The prospect of a new life, a fresh start, a bigger and better house, being a homeowner for the first time are all intense emotions that can really make or break a deal. If a property gets your client excited, they might stretch their budget or choose a more difficult commute just to buy that house.

Nostalgia can also be a major factor in deciding to buy a house. As children, most of our early memories are linked to the home we were in. If a property that we consider buying as adults somehow evoke our childhood home, we might make big decisions based on our gut feeling. This kind of strong opinions leads to bid wars and skyrocket the prices.

Emotions Should Be Reasoned with

As a realtor, being aware of the power of emotions is crucial, but shouldn’t become a modus operandi. People may buy what they feel is right, but it doesn’t mean that they want to be exploited through that. Make them aware of the financial value and practicality of the property and how to browse smartly.

Ultimately, each person has a style of decision-making. Some will know immediately what their final decision will be, while others must weigh everything carefully before prioritizing the options. Emotions are an element that will definitely be present, but to what extent it will affect the transaction, it depends on the buyer, the seller and the real estate agent in between. Find a RE/MAX Expert that can help you overcome your emotions and make the right decision!