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Read This Before Your Home Appraisal If You Want to Nail It

It can be stressful to set a price for your listing. It can be even more stressful when the time of the appraisal comes around, especially if your buyer’s home inspector determines that your initial price was too high, effectively ruining your deal.

But appraisals don’t have to be so scary. You just have to take some extra precautions for it. Here’s how to handle them like a pro.

1. Think as a Buyer Does

You may be too emotionally attached to the property you want to sell to truly see its flaws. Sellers have this problem particularly if they’ve also lived in the house for a while, and sometimes cannot genuinely see the issues.

But the first step in nailing the appraisal is a good old fashioned role play, where you try to think like a potential buyer. You have to be very critical of your property, and make sure everything works correctly. It’s not just about the home looking good since that can be fixed with cleaning, but also ensure that everything works. Leaky pipes or cracked walls have no place here.

2. Make a List

When you begin looking at your properties with a critical eye, remember to write down the things you see that need work. Then, when you start preparing your home, you can make sure nothing is left out, ultimately leaving your home in top shape.

3. Handle Maintenance Work

Do you remember those maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off for a while? Well, it’s finally time you stop postponing them and get to work, preferably even before you put your home up for sale.

When it comes to the simpler tasks like making sure the doors don’t squeak, all you need is the right tools and an afternoon off. But for the more complex jobs that involve plumbing or electrical work, you should call in the professionals to help.

4. Make It Spotless

Then, after renovations and repairs, you should give your property a good scrub. It’s important to be very thorough and not just vacuum the floors and dust the furniture. You’ll really need to make the entire house sparkle. Do it right before the appraiser comes, as they most likely won’t be visiting multiple times to get a better idea of the house. One chance is all you get.

5. Ask Your Agent to Be There

Your real estate agent in Lakeland Florida can really help you at this time. They can talk to the appraiser and explain the established sales price, the reasons behind it, and generally intervene to your benefit throughout this process. Plus, they know a thing or two about appraisals, and can also help you prepare.

Need Help?

If you’re dreading the appraisal of your property, then you should ask for help. Contact RE/MAX Experts now, and we’ll make sure it’ll all go smoothly. You’ll be signing the final contract in no time.