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How to Make Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home before They Actually See It


Timing has a major impact on the price of your home. You can’t expect for it to advertise itself, especially if there are several houses for sale in Lakeland FL. If you want to make a successful sale, you need to have a good plan in place at the moment the house is put on the market.

Your goal should be to “wow” potential buyers even before they come to see the house. That way, you encourage them to visualize their new life in your house and have them already excited when they step on the property. This strategy is meant to prevent your house from being on the market for too long, which is usually not a good sign for buyers and realtors. Statistically, a house that has been on the market longer will sell at a lower price.

With this in mind, let’s see what you can do to make your buyers fall in love with your home before they even visit it.


Restore Your Home Properly before Listing It for Sale

Whatever reason you may have to list your home before getting the restoration work done, you need to expect the sell to not be as successful as you wish. That should be the number one rule for having your house ready for sale: getting it in good condition, with no improvised fixes, hidden defects or just selling it as it is.

Putting an effort into restoring every little thing that doesn’t quite work like it used to will bring you a great advantage over other properties that weren’t thoroughly restored. Take a tour of your house and try to look at it with a buyer’s eyes. You want to have everything working properly and looking clean.


Clear Your Personal Objects as Much as You Can

When you invite buyers over for a viewing, you are not only presenting the house and its amenities, but you are giving the buyers a chance to imagine how it would be to live there. That is why it is very helpful and important to take your personal belongings out of sight and show a house that’s ready to welcome someone new.

This might be difficult if you are still living in the house, but you can find clever storing solutions to have your house ready for viewing all the time and still be functional for you and your family.

Part of staging a home is giving a glimpse of how it is to live there, without overwhelming it with personal items. For example, you can only leave in sight the best items you own: beautiful art, your best clothes, a really nice blanket to throw on an armchair, antique accessories, and jewelry, etc.

Do you feel that your home is properly restored and ready to receive buyers? Make sure you are able to market it properly once you list it for sale. Partner up with a RE/MAX Expert (Lakeland, FL) and let them do the marketing magic. Your house should have a chance to shine and give a new owner the life quality they expect!