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Lakeland, Florida – The Best Place to Live!

Hollis Gardens Lakeland, Florida

Whether you’re living elsewhere in Florida, or you’re interested in moving to Central Florida from anywhere in the United States, Lakeland, Florida is a great place to live. Most of our agents have grown up in Lakeland, and know Lakeland well.

Curious to learn more about why we love Lakeland, and think it’s such a great place to live?

Great Weather And A Fantastic Location

Lakeland is located just off of I-4, near Tampa, Florida, in the center of the state, so it’s easy to get to Tampa, Orlando, the coast, and anywhere else in Florida from Lakeland. You can easily explore the entire state.

The weather is also great, as you can expect from sunny Florida. The average high in January is over 73 degrees, and the average low barely touches 50 degrees. A few weeks in summer are rainy and humid, but the rest of the year, the skies are usually clear.

Plenty Of Parks And Recreation Opportunities

Lakeland has dozens of parks, and plenty of places for you to walk, play with your children, and explore. From dog parks like Lake Crago Dog Park, to the Lakeland Community Theatre, Hollis Gardens, and the Lake Mirror Complex, there’s always something to do all year-round.

In addition, Lakeland has been investing in a comprehensive biking and walking trail system, which connects many important parts of town, stores, parks, and more.

And in the historic districts of town, you can explore landmarks like Joker Marchant Stadium,  the Polk Museum of Art, and the Polk Theatre.

A Great School System

According to, most schools in Lakeland have four-star ratings or higher, making it a great public school district. In addition to public schools, Lakeland has many highly-rated charter schools, private schools, and magnet schools, such as the McKeel Academy of Technology, Lakeland Christian School, and the Central Florida Aerospace Academy.

There are also numerous post-secondary institutions, like Southeastern University, Florida Polytechnic, and Florida Southern College, among others.

Plenty Of 55+ Communities For Retirees

Lakeland has a huge number of independent senior living communities for retirees. Given its affordable location and the great weather, many folks choose to retire here, and there are many homes for sale in Lakeland, FL retirement communities that are available for a great price. At RE/MAX Experts, our realtors in Lakeland, FL can help you find a home that’s perfect for your unique needs!
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Come To Lakeland, Florida – And Enjoy Your New Life!

With great weather, a central location in Florida, a strong economy and a low cost of living, Lakeland is a great place to call “home”, whether you’re raising a family, or you’re a retiree looking to move somewhere warmer.

Interested in learning more from RE/MAX Experts? Contact RE/MAX Experts now, and explore the homes available in the area. You’re sure to love what you find!