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How to Sell Your Home When You Have Kids

A Stress-Free Guide:Selling When you Have Kids



Selling your home is a process that is filled with emotion, stress and excitement. Moving out from the place where you collected so many memories can be scary, especially when you have children. Moving out from the place they grew and where they felt secure can be a tough transition for both the parents and the little ones.

Here is what you can do to minimize the stress associated with selling your house and get the children excited about living in a new place.

How to Help Your Kids Accept the Sale of Your Home

First of all, if you want to ease up the entire process, it is important to get the children excited about the new big change in your lives and cope with the stress of it. Start talking to them about it as soon as you make the decision and prepare them for the big move. Tell them how your home has become too small for your family and that it is time to move on to a better house, where they can do more things and have more space.

If you already have your new house, take the kids on short visits and get them involved in getting the house ready to welcome you. Let them choose the color scheme for their rooms, ask their opinion when decorating the house and let them notice how the preparations progress with each visit.

How to Get the Kids to Cooperate When You Are Showing Your Old House

Another stressful part of selling your house is being able to organize a successful viewing when your children still live there. Every parent knows how good children are at transforming a tidy room into a toy explosion in a matter of minutes. Get rid of those toys before organizing a viewing, because they give the buyer a hard time imagining his own belongings in the house. And you don’t want them to step on a Lego, right?

Organize temporary storage for them in big colorful boxes to get the kids involved in tidying up the house for viewing. This is also a good chance for you to give away some old toys that they don’t play with anymore. Ask them what they are willing to give away for donation and organize separate boxes. Taking your children with you when you are donating the toys will be an important life lesson, as well.

Have Someone Babysit Your Kids or Organize Outdoor Activities with Them

When showing your house, the real estate agent will do all the marketing and presentation work. Your presence would interfere with the sale, so it’s good to retreat when buyers come for a viewing. You also want your kids to be doing something elsewhere, because they could be distracting for the buyers. Have someone babysit or organize some quality family outings when buyers are in the house.

A top real estate agent (Lakeland, FL) like the professionals at Re/Max Experts know how to present a home in its best light, but it’s your job to keep the children happy and excited about the big move ahead.

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