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5 Staging Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Like a 5-stars Hotel

Selling a house is no easy job, especially if you live in a neighborhood where all properties follow pretty much the same design rules. Making your home stand out amongst the residential real estate in Lakeland FL market requires a lot of hard work and some creativity, especially if you are on a budget. But, with a few smart tricks, you can stage your house for viewing and change its appeal.

Understanding what potential buyers like to see when they’re considering a property is crucial in staging it. Getting your home to look like a 5-star hotel may seem odd at first, but it makes perfect sense if you think about it: while the visitors do know that you still live in the house, your personal belongings and clutter can distract them from seeing it to its true potential.

Following the principle of combining a clean, pristine look with the evidence of everyday living, here are some staging ideas that can work wonders:

Deep Clean Everything

Start the staging with deep cleaning everything. And, we mean everything – every corner, item on the shelves, carpet, piece of tile, etc. Don’t leave any corner untouched. If you are dealing with old, hard to clean surfaces, rent a power cleaner (a steam jet, for example) or a professional company to do it.

Boost the Exterior

Your potential buyer’s experience begins from the moment they step out of the car and take a first look at your porch, house, and exterior. Make that view a beautiful, inviting one, by having blooming flowers and other green plants around the house, a newly varnished deck and shining windows. Get rid of anything you have been storing in the yard that ruins the view.

Organize the Furniture in Separate Areas

One excellent trick to show the potential of your house is to organize certain areas by grouping furniture items. For example a reading corner, a dining table, cooking area, lounging and games, kid’s corner, etc. It will probably mean getting rid of some items that occupy space and don’t get to be used.

Hide All the Stored Items

Storage space is one of the most important aspects of a home. You will want to show off all the potential storage spaces you have. On the other hand, clear boxes of the sock aren’t the prettiest. Try to find more discreet solutions for storing, like woven baskets and sliding doors.

Devil’s in the Details

Getting back to the original idea, it’s a good reference to imagine that you are actually selling accommodation in a luxury hotel, top realtors Lakeland FL advise. Think of how your guests would like to be greeted: fresh towels, fresh bars of soap, fruit plates and flowers in a vase, nice smelling linens, etc. That will make your place desirable and worth considering.

Staging your home for viewing doesn’t need an interior designer or a huge investment. Just think of how your guests would want to live during a nice vacation and offer them a peek into that lifestyle through your presentation.

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