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5 DIY Weekend Projects That Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal (and Value)


If you are planning on selling your house, don’t list it on the market before making some improvements. Unless selling it is urgent and unexpected, you should take the time and do some restoration work before any buyer sets foot in it. Asking for a high price without investing any effort in increasing the home’s curb appeal is bound to end in a long wait on the real estate market. The RE/Max Experts’ top realtors agree that home improvement is one of the key steps to a successful deal.

Don’t feel intimidated by home improvement work – it doesn’t always mean that you have to invest a lot of money and time into it. We will show you some DIY weekend projects that can greatly help with the house value and curb appeal.

1. Paint Your House

Paint is one of the greatest tricks in making your home look more appealing. A fresh layer of paint will hide certain defects or weak points, unifying the look of the house and making it look like new. A small house painted in a light color – preferably white – will look more spacious and generous.

When choosing the paint color, try to visualize it and stay away from eccentric shades. Pastel colors are the best for covering large surfaces and giving your property a bright look. You can even do a virtual simulation before actually painting it to see how it would look like. Also, you don’t need to paint the entire house. If you feel that only your porch needs a fresh layer of paint, stick to that.

2. Plant Flowers, Plants, and Trees

A green, well-kept garden will always increase the curb appeal of a house. It doesn’t have to be difficult to transform the look of your property, you can start with something as small as flower boxes hanging beneath the windows, or a few flower pots placed on the porch stairs. Also, this is a type of improvement that can start anytime, even before you even consider selling the house. Planting a shade tree is a great way of increasing the curb appeal of your home.

3. Replace Hardware and Fixtures

Replace old door knobs and handles, light fixtures, house numbers, and so on. Choose new hardware items that go well together and fit the overall style of your home. New, shiny house numbers and lamps will make a good addition to your house.

4. Install Pretty, New Shutters, or Paint Your Old Ones

The windows of a house are a big part of the overall look. Shutters are a great way of adding color and character to your house, so you might want to install them. If you already have shutters and plan on refreshing them during a weekend, applying a new layer of stain and varnish or painting them again will do the trick.

5. Add the Right Lights in the Right Spots

Light is the best way you can manipulate the look and feel of a place. Install garden and porch lights that create a warm, inviting mood. Use low voltage garden lamps to create paths and relaxing corners. This will definitely add to your home’s curb appeal since it also provides more safety during the night.

Take a close look at your house before putting it on real estate listings. See what you can improve and how you can boost its curb appeal and consequently the price.

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