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3 Things That Could Go Wrong When You’re Hiring a Friend as a Realtor

Let’s admit it: real estate transactions can send anyone shivers down their spine. The complicated pricing rules, negotiations, and viewings are overwhelming, to say the least. Hiring a realtor can take some of the pressure off your shoulders and make this process easier. Good real estate agents have the expertise and skills to get you a good deal. But, finding a top real estate agent in Lakeland, FL might seem tricky when so many companies out there making big promises.

One option would be to hire whoever your friend or family recommend. Or, better yet, work with your buddy from college who is a realtor now. What could go wrong? Well, let us count the ways.


They Won’t Tell You the Bad Side of the Deal

Working with a friend is often difficult, as personal life becomes intertwined with the professional one and the relationship nuances change. When your realtor is your friend, they might not have the heart to tell you the harsh truths, which will actually do you a disservice. If they need to tell you that the house needs a deep cleaning and they are too embarrassed to do it, you will show prospects a house that could’ve been better.

While a friend’s opinion and personal experience can be welcomed in the context of a big sell, when you work with that friend through a legally binding contract, things need to be less emotional and more professional. A friend can be tempted to work with you differently not to disturb your personal relationship.


Your Personal Information Could Be Leaked

Being part of a real estate transaction means that you will provide plenty of personal and confidential information to your realtor, from your income and savings to details about the house that will be sold. If your realtor is personally close to you, they might feel like they are entitled to take some liberties, professionally. Leaking information in personal conversations or, worse, in professional ones, can harm you, even if the friend is not necessarily bad-intended.


You Can Get Unsolicited or Inaccurate Legal Advice

When you serve one of your friends while on the job, you go out of your way to make the service a little extra. For a realtor, this might mean they want to give you valuable insights on the transaction, which is fine until they are actually inaccurate. Some realtors are tempted to give their clients legal insights from their personal experiences. Unfortunately, only an attorney or another legal professional could give reliable information about the legal nuances. Your realtor may have a lot of knowledge about the field, but he might miss something that can prove to be very important to your transaction.

The bottom line is: if you want to hire a realtor, it’s best to go with someone that is neutral and uninvolved with your personal affairs.


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